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Chinese Fishing Net : The Cultural Symbol of Kochi

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Chinese fishing nets in Kochi
Chinese fishing net

The trade link between Kerala and China has started centuries ago. Now Indo Chinese connections are bridged by the bamboo and teak poles of the backwaters of Kerala. Local people often call it as “Cheena Vala” aka “Chinese Fishing Net”, only in Kerala (South India). “Cheena Vala” (Cheena – China, Vala – Net) is still the livelihood of fishermen community of Kerala. Chinese fishing nets are already disappeared and gone out of the sight and memories of Chinese people. Kerala is the only place in the world where you can see and experience Chinese fishing net.  

A blissful morning view from Fort Kochi beach

Now Chinese fishing net is one of the significant cultural symbols of Kerala. The beautifully silhouetted fishing nets against the backdrop of the clear backwaters at sunset is breath taking beautiful sight.

Photo : Fort Kochi ethnic tour
A view from Fort Kochi Beach

The Chinese fishing nets are fixed on bamboo & teak poles. They are then let down into the sea through unique mechanism and by weighing them down with large stones tied in the ropes. Witnessing the view and experience the rhythm in their work itself is a spell binding experience.

They sell fish within no time is totally based on its freshness. The catch of the day is purchased and took to the kitchens of street food carts, food stalls and restaurants and to the plates with added authentic spice flavours of Kerala.

Click the below link to explore the unseen beauty of Fort Kochi on heels or wheels.

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