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What to pack for South India – By

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Shoes Hat and sarong waiting to be packed
What to pack for South India? Watch this video of Travel essentials you simply can’t forget !

Wondering what to pack for a South India holiday ?

Travel is always exciting and few days before the travel date brings out the peak of this excitement. However, each holiday demands that you research the destination well, so that you have a comfortable holiday. This includes packing all the essentials apart from your clothes and camera!

If you are wondering what you must pack for a holiday in South India, we have got you covered. Below are recommendations by locals on ‘What to pack for South India’, brought to you by

#1: Slip-on Footwear

Slip on footwear recommended as packing essential for south India

South Indians consider footwear to be unclean and hence the practice of leaving the footwear outside homes and places of worship. If you wear regular sneakers with laces, you will find yourself crouching down more often than you want to untie your shoes! Slip-on footwear will allow you to remove them conveniently and they usually cost much less (in case you want to ditch them later to make place for your shopping!)

#2: Cotton Clothes and Sarong

Lady wearing hat and cotton cloths on mountain

The sultry and tropical weather of South India will leave you sweating if you go outdoors during the day, especially during summer months. Wear comfortable cotton clothes that dry quickly. Also, always keep a sarong or a shawl in your travel backpack to cover yourself if the evenings get cold or when you visit a place of worship in South India.

#3: Don’t forget your Umbrella !

Lady taking a leap holding an umbrella

The locals of South India will always carry an umbrella when they go out. This small accessory will protect you from harsh sunlight and from the occasional rains that usually accompany hot days! Also, don’t forget to pack sunscreen and sunglasses.

#4: Cash is King

Close up of Indian currency note

Although most large establishments accept cards for payment,the smaller outlets will insist on payments by cash. In our opinion, you should be visiting the smaller restaurants and outlets to get the most authentic and local stuff !

That does not mean you should carry a large amount of cash on person. ATMs are found in plenty here, so you can plan and withdraw as per your needs. 

#5: Carry your Cutlery

Neatly placed cutlery inside table napkin.

Eating with hands is a way of life here, hence some of the smaller food outlets may not offer you cutlery.

It’s best to carry your own cutlery. If you decide to eat with your hands, do carry your own liquid hand wash.

#6: Download the local language on Google Translator

Man using a smart phone

It’s a good idea to download the language of the region you will be visiting on Google Translate.

This will enable the image translation that will help you read signs and menus printed in local language. Its also a good idea to research a bit and download the local taxi apps as they turn out to be cheaper than airport taxis.

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