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#5 Reasons you Must Travel to South India for Honeymoon !

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Are you undecided about visiting South India for Honeymoon ? Well, look no further as we have put together the Top #5 Reasons That Make South India The Perfect Honeymoon Destination –

Planning to visit South India for Honeymoon ? Watch this video to discover the best of South India !

Why should you visit South India for Honeymoon ? 

We wish we could answer that in a sentence, but we cannot! Because, South India is so vast and diverse that it has the best of everything a destination can offer. Here are the top 5 :

#1 Nature : In Abundance – All Year Round

From the lush jungles of the Western Ghats to the untouched forest reserves in Karnataka, South India is definitely preserving its green cover as compared to the rest of India. Don’t believe us ? Here is a report from TimesofIndia which shows the states that were able to increase their forest cover in 2017.

India Map with Forest cover.

This may explain why the Western Ghats have been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and were also chosen as the top 4 destination to visit in Asia by Lonely Planet ! This news has definitely got travelers all around the world excited enough to add South India to their bucket list ! 

Elephants on a forest trail
Jungle Traffic: Elephants cross a forest trail in Karnataka.

Still confused about visiting South India for honeymoon ? Read on..

#2 Beaches: Golden Sands – Unending Shorelines

We don’t have to refer a map for this one ! It is a well known fact that Southern part of Indian peninsula is blessed with a long coastline – 7,157 Kms to be accurate !

Beach, Coastline
Famous Om Beach in Gokarna

South Indian shorelines have some of the best beach resorts in the world. After all, who wouldn’t want to stay at an Instagram-worthy resort after the wedding of a lifetime !

South India for Honeymoon - Infinity pool at a beach resort
Instagram-worthy: Infinity pool overlooking the sea at The Leela Raviz Kovalam

#3 People : Welcoming – Genuine – Beautiful

We are sure you wouldn’t want a lot of people around you when you visit South India for Honeymoon. After all, honeymoon is a time for intimacy and private time with your special person. But, the people of South India are some of the best when it comes to hospitality.

From the local Chai ‘Kada’ (Tea shop) to the 5 Star Hotels, everybody is so welcoming and sometimes their genuine smiles will simply melt your heart! 

Women working in the fields.
South Indians are hardworking and genuine – and truly hospitable !

#4 Food : Wholesome – Soul Food

The sight of steaming rice being doused with copious amounts of ‘Sambar’, freshly caught fish being grilled to perfection or Biryani’s that are so flavorful  you just can’t stop ordering for more ! South Indian cuisine is very distinct from the rest of India and packed with flavors that will take your taste buds to food heaven !

South India for honeymoon food served on Banana leaf
Sadhya – A traditional Keralan festive meal.

You don’t have to worry about your diet when you visit South India for honeymoon, as most of the food eaten by locals is wholesome and healthful too.

#5 Wellness : Ayurveda – Yoga – Meditation

You deserve to be pampered after a hectic Indian wedding ! Why not experience an Ayurvedic couple massage to de-stress with your loved one when you visit South India for Honeymoon? Or practice Yoga to detox your system as you start a new life?

South India for Honeymoon - Couple getting Ayurvedic massage
Your time to relax after the hectic Indian wedding !

South India is slowly becoming a Yoga and Ayurveda hot spot for global travelers. With a huge support from the Ministry of Ayush, many qualified Ayurveda practitioners have set up wellness centers across South India and especially in Kerala.

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